10603675_10152427502108038_6801830456749073672_nKBOI reports that Idaho State health officials say the number of Salmonella cases reported at the Boise-Co-op have doubled since it first reported the outbreak over the weekend.

Christine Myron, spokeswoman with the Idaho Central District Health Department, told KBOI 2News on Monday that there have been 60 total cases linked by lab work to the deli.

Also on Monday, the Boise Co-op closed its deli.

“We are voluntarily closing our Deli due to the Salmonella outbreak investigation currently underway with the Central District Health Department (CDHD),” the co-op wrote on its Facebook page.

“These cases have now been confirmed as linked to food prepared in our Deli. As an added precaution, any foods purchased from our Deli after June 1, 2015 should be discarded. ”

The first report of Salmonella came in June 9.

The state says in addition to interviewing those who became ill, health officials have taken multiple food samples and are awaiting those results, as well as the results of whether these confirmed cases to-date are the same strain of Salmonella.