As a result of eating food at a picnic at Neff’s Lawn Care in Germantown, at least 61 individuals have become ill and 11 have been hospitalized. Of the ill, 11 have been confirmed to be infected by E. Coli O157. Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County is continuing an investigation into the cause of the foodborne outbreak. Estimates are that as many as 200-300 people may have attended an annual customer appreciation picnic held by Neff’s Lawn Care, 9400 Ekhart Road, on July 3.

Public Health is continuing to gather information through interviews with those who attended the picnic and became ill and also those who did not become ill. Investigators are also looking at food sources, food handling and storage practices, food temperature controls, and the potential of cross contamination of the food.

Symptoms experienced by those who became ill include stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea. Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County is asking that anyone who became ill after attending the event call 937-225-4460 and report their illness.

If someone has become ill as a result of the picnic, Public Health is stressing that the best way to prevent passing the bacteria on to others in your family or those close to you is through frequent and thorough hand washing.

The local health department cautions that those who suspect they may be ill from E. Coli O157 should not be treated with antibiotics and should not take antidiarrheal medicines. They should seek medical attention and inform the physician what they suspect might be the cause of their illness.