1396044097000-prisonA Salmonella-tainted salad served at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Winslow caused 241 inmates and three employees to become ill this month, a spokesman said on Friday.

Health officials determined lettuce or cabbage served on August 31 to inmates inside two units at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Winslow was responsible, said corrections department spokesman Andrew Wilder.

Prison officials said inmates began feeling the first symptoms of the bacteria on September 1 in the Kaibab unit and the next day in the Coronado unit. The illnesses continued for another five days, and three prison employees were among those who got sick, officials said.

Inmates reported suffering from nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, chills and fever and were treated at the prison, Wilder said.

Normal operations at the two units, which house more than 1,400 inmates, resumed on September 16, Wilder said.