Twelve-year-old Mitchell Scheible is one of multiple victims of an E. coli outbreak linked to a Longhorn Steakhouse in Green Township, Ohio.  Mitchell and his family ate dinner there shortly before Christmas, and it was a meal that landed him in the hospital.

Mike Samet, public information officer with the county health department, said the common denominator for the people who became ill in the Longhorn E. coli outbreak was consumption of leafy greens at a Cincinnati Longhorn Steakhouse.  There were five lab-confirmed cases and one “probable case” of E. coli Dec. 10-15. Samet said all six people have recovered.  “We expect no more cases and the investigation is closed,” Samet said Jan. 9.

Unfortunately, the county health department did not pursue further traceback on the leafy greens.  Thus, the only way to determine what company produced, grew and sold the contaminated leafy greens is to file a lawsuit and conduct discovery into that issue.

Mitchell’s mom, and Mitchell, both spoke with News 5’s Courtis Fuller about the experience.  “When you are awakened in the middle of the night by, ‘Hey, I don’t feel good mom,’ you expect throwing up or whatever but when you go and find blood everywhere — I immediately called the doctor,” Mitchell’s mother, Evie Scheible, said.

Mitchell lost 16 pounds during the ordeal, making it hard to bounce back as he tries to play basketball.

“My coaches have been nervous because every time I start playing I get all pale and weak; so, yeah it’s been tough,” Mitchell said.