They were on the Sick Tour.

SickAttila.jpgAccording to the complaint (#cv-00794) filed in Oregon Federal District Court today, Chris Fronzak, lead singer for the heavy metal band Attila, consumed a spicy tuna roll containing Nakaochi Scrape at a Metairie, Louisiana restaurant while his band was on tour. Within two days, Mr. Fronzak began to experience severe gastrointestinal symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever, headache, and muscle aches. After six days of attempting self-care without any improvement, Mr. Fronzak, who was without health insurance, was taken to the emergency room for treatment. While in the ER, a sample was taken that would ultimately test positive for Salmonella. The complaint alleges Mr. Fronzak suffered physically, emotionally, and economically.

 And, yes, Marler Clark filed the suit.