Epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback data show that packaged salads produced by Dole are contaminated with Listeria and making people sick.

Since the last update on December 22, 2021, one more illness has been reported. As of February 1, 2022, 17 people infected with the outbreak strain of Listeria monocytogenes have been reported from 13 states.

Illnesses started on dates ranging from August 16, 2014, to December 30, 2021.

Sick people range in age from 50 to 94 years, with a median age of 75, and 82% are female. Of 15 people with information available, 13 have been hospitalized. Two deaths have been reported from Michigan and Wisconsin.

State and local public health officials are interviewing people, or their family, about the foods they ate in the month before they got sick. Of the 9 people interviewed, 8 (89%) reported eating packaged salads. Of the three people who remembered a specific brand, two reported Dole and one reported Little Salad Bar.

Dole collected samples from their facilities and equipment for testing and found Listeria on equipment used to harvest iceberg lettuce. FDA conducted whole genome sequencing and found that the Listeria on the equipment was the outbreak strain.

Packaged salads produced by Dole

  • Sold under multiple brands:
    • Ahold
    • Dole
    • HEB
    • Kroger
    • Lidl
    • Little Salad Bar
    • Marketside
    • Naturally Better
    • Nature’s Promise
    • President’s Choice
    • Simply Nature
  • Products include mixed greens, garden salads, Caesar kits, and many other types of salads in bags or clamshells
  • “Best if used by” dates from 11/30/21 through 01/09/22
  • Product lot code begins with the letter “B,” “N,” “W,” or “Y” in the upper right-hand corner of the package
  • See Dole’s recall notices (12/22/2021 and 01/07/2022) for the full list of recalled salads

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