At Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Vice President and Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Ranit Mishori, in an update on the Georgetown outbreak, reported that a total of 145 students, faculty and staff have reported symptoms that are consistent with a viral gastroenteritis (Norovirus) over the last two weeks.

Stool samples tested at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and others sent to the DC Department of Health have confirmed the presence of Norovirus. While the bug is known, what is unknown is the source. To date there is no confirmed link to a food source or any of the dining areas on or off campus.

In other college news, in Rochester, New York, a spokesperson with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)  said approximately 50 students were sickened by Norovirus.  Most cases were resolved within a day or two without the need for medical treatment.

The Monroe County Department of Public Health on Thursday determined Norovirus as likely responsible for the outbreak on the Henrietta campus.  Again, to date there is no confirmed link to a food source or any of the dining areas on or off campus.

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