defuscossalmonella.bmpAccording to the AP, The Rhode Island Department of Health says a salmonella outbreak may be related to a recent recall of baked goods. The department says it has received reports of 19 people who are ill. It says nine of the 19 have tested positive for salmonella, and 13 have been hospitalized.

Health officials say many of the sickened people consumed zeppoles, an Italian pastry akin to a doughnut, made by DeFusco’s Bakery in Johnston.  On Friday, the department announced a recall of all baked goods sold at DeFusco’s following an inspection of the Johnston store. Officials say they found that pastry cream used in zeppoles and eclairs was stored at unsafe temperatures.The owner of DeFusco’s voluntarily closed the bakery until further notice. The company’s goods also are sold at other stores.