Fullei Fresh is recalling Alfalfa Sprouts after FDA testing finds  Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC.)

According to the recall, it is a strain of E. coli which is not part of the company’s routine E. coli O157:H7 and Salmonella testing which is normally conducted on every lot produced. 

The recalled products were shipped to distributors and retailers in Florida between Dec. 9-23, 2022. 

This month, the FDA conducted an unannounced inspection of Fullei Fresh. 108 listeria swabs were taken and all were negative. They also pulled 34 samples of bean sprouts and 34 samples of alfalfa sprouts. The bean sprouts were all negative. At first, the alfalfa was placed on hold as the initial report “could not rule out” a pathogen. Then the firm was told the results were negative and informed customers to resume distribution. Then the FDA issued an apology stating that the results were still pending and again to hold distribution. A few days later, the firm received a report without any explanation or instructions which stated “STEC recovered. No EHEC detected. No Salmonella spp. detected. No listeria spp. detected.” It was discovered in 2 out of 34 samples tested by the FDA.

Recalled Product:

  • The affected Fullei Fresh brand alfalfa sprout lot number is 336. 
  • The lot numbers are printed on the 8-ounce retail packs and on 5 lb. bulk cardboard boxes in the barcode.

As of the posting of this recall, there have been no known illnesses reported to date in connection with this product.

Consumers with the recalled products should discard them.

“It is very unfortunate that there has been confusion and misunderstanding regarding this specific product and lot,” the company said in their release. “Fullei Fresh is doing their best to remedy the situation and communicate with all parties involved.”