The DuPage County Illinois Health Department has reported that four more cases of shigellosis were confirmed Friday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases caused by the outbreak at the Subway restaurant in Lombard to 12. Of those 12 cases, seven have required hospitalization. Six of those who were hospitalized have been released. The restaurant

Illnesses continue to be reported in the Shigella outbreak tied to the Subway restaurant in Lombard, Illinois.   Restaurant based Shigella outbreaks, though, are nothing new.  Sometimes, the results can be tragic.  In the fall of 2000, Shigella sickened hundreds, and left one person dead, in an outbreak at a Mexican restaurant in Northern California. 

The outbreak

The Chicago Tribune reported last night on a developing Shigella outbreak linked to a Lombard, Illinois Subway restaurant:

A Subway restaurant in Lombard has been closed by the DuPage County Health Department after several customers contracted gastrointestinal illnesses, officials said Thursday.

Health Department officials said in a statement that eight cases of shigellosis, an infectious

Two children in Zanesville, Ohio that both attend the same daycare have tested positive for Shigella.  The Zanesville Times Recorder reports:

Health officials are investigating a shigella outbreak after two children who attend Rufus Putnam Daycare tested positive for the infectious disease. One is a 2-year-old girl and the other is a 3-year-old girl.