Over three dozen people in Arizona, California, Idaho, and Nevada have become ill with a strain of Salmonella since early October, according to reports in the Tucson Citizen and Arizona Republic.  Public health officials from the four states are investigating the source of the outbreak, and presently believe the source to be a food item. 

Idaho health officials are warning that a Salmonella outbreak in southern Idaho has been ongoing since mid-September.  KTRV TV reported on the outbreak:

Chicken pot pie salmonellaA number of Salmonella infections have been reported across southern Idaho since mid September.

Experts at the Idaho Health and Welfare Department believe they could be linked to undercooked chicken pot

Today’s Altoona Mirror reported on a hearing yesterday regarding the Sheetz Salmonella outbreak of 2004.  At yesterday’s hearing, a Blair County Judge dismissed eight defendants from the case, stating that Sheetz and the company who supplied Salmonella-contamianted tomatoes to Sheetz, Coronet Foods, had not provided enough proof to implicate one or more Coronet suppliers as

Pennsylvania health officials are investigating a Salmonella outbreak that may have been caused by close contact with dogs that ate Salmonella-contaminated food.  Lancaster online reported today:

The illness being investigated by the health department is caused by an uncommon strain of salmonella called schwarzengrund. Most of the infections occurred in households with pets or where

Grant County, Washington, health officials have reported that a Salmonella outbreak in the county has sickened 11 people since February.  Seven people have been confirmed ill with Salmonella senftenberg since the outbreak began, and four possible cases have submitted samples for testing. 

The Columbia Basin Herald interviewed Grant County health officer Alexander Brzezny for its