Grant County, Washington, health officials have reported that a Salmonella outbreak in the county has sickened 11 people since February.  Seven people have been confirmed ill with Salmonella senftenberg since the outbreak began, and four possible cases have submitted samples for testing. 

The Columbia Basin Herald interviewed Grant County health officer Alexander Brzezny for its story on the outbreak:

In the past three weeks the cases in Grant County have been connected through DNA as all being from the same bug, Brzezny said. The health district has several leads on the origin, he said.

"If we find out where it’s coming from, I think it’s going to be very publishable data because it’s rare and it’s in Grant County," he said.

Senftenberg salmonella was only discovered in the 1990s, Brzezny noted.

He said the cases in Grant County seem to be isolated and not part of a broad, countywide outbreak.