Press reports that Central Connecticut State University officials are investigating a possible food poisoning at one of its campus dining facilities. 

Officials said the university Environmental Health & Safety Department is working with the  New Britain Department of Public Health and food service provider Sodexo to investigate potential food poisoning at The Hilltop Café.


At least 24 shuttle bus drivers for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival became ill with food poisoning early Monday, authorities said.

Reports began coming in shortly after midnight after subcontracted drivers dined at an off-site catering location unaffiliated with the festival, the Cal Fire / Riverside County Fire Department said in a press

lsThe ongoing investigation into gastrointestinal illnesses associated with consuming food from Mighty Taco, has identified 140 individuals reporting symptoms consisting primarily of nausea and vomiting after consuming refried beans from a Mighty Taco location in Erie County between the dates of September 30th and October 6th, 2016. As this is an ongoing investigation, this information

MARCH 5, 2013—Baltimore, MD—The Center for Biosecurity of UPMC today released online ahead of print a new report, When Good Food Goes Bad: Strengthening the US Response to Foodborne Disease Outbreaks. The authors analyzed existing data and studies on foodborne illness outbreak response, identified emerging trends, and interviewed dozens of federal and state-level officials and


-When is a legal action required as a victim of a food outbreak or recall?

-Which are the potentially liable parties?

-What is the basis of evidence best supporting litigation?

-What are the social impacts of these legal actions for the plaintiffs, the food producers and the food system?

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