"Dos Amigos outbreak" "Dos Amigos Salmonella" "salmonella outbreak" salmonellaIn the Oregon Salmonella outbreak linked to Dos Amigos mexican restaurant, Douglas County Health officials now say they have confirmed 17 cases.  The illnesses are said to have taken place from April 9 through April 17.

KVAL.com reported today on the Salmonella outbreak:

Dawnelle Marshall from the Public Health Division of the Douglas County Health Department said they still don’t know what caused the outbreak, but they are interviewing people that ate there during that time, to see if they can figure out where the problem started.

"We’ve not been able to pinpoint the source, whether that is a food item, whether there is cross-contamination. We have not been able to do that, but we do have sampling that is pending, and those results should be in later this week," said Marshall.