cantaloupe.jpgBill Marler recently brought to my attention an article published roughly six years ago in the Journal of Food Science.   The article details a study that shows that washing cantaloupes with hot water was an effective method in reducing the likelihood of bacterial contamination.

The study demonstrated that surface pasteurization can greatly reduce levels of Salmonella from the surfaces of cantaloupes.  Beyond that, it appears that the “edible portions of cantaloupes remain cool” during such a treatment. 

It does not appear that the heat treatment, and other best agricultural practices, have been consistently followed in cantaloupe production.  In the wake of last years deadly listeria outbreak from cantaloupe, the growing practices invovled came under fire from Congress and the FDA.

But the 2011 listeria outbreak was not the first outbreak linked to cantaloupe. 

Courtesy of outbreak database, here are reported cantaloupe outbreaks:

Maybe its time to read up in those scientific journals?