Texas officials say all raw milk and other unpasteurized products from K-Bar Dairy should not be consumed and should immediately be discarded because the dairy has been linked to an antibiotic-resistant strain of Brucella bacteria that has hospitalized at least one person.

“At this time, it is uncertain how long Brucella (bacteria) may have been present in the raw milk from this dairy. Testing is ongoing in an attempt to answer that question,” according to the Monday alert from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

Especially at risk is anyone who has consumed raw milk or other unpasteurized dairy products from K-Bar Dairy, which is in Paradise, TX, since June 1. These individuals are considered to be at high risk of contracting brucellosis.

However, all unpasteurized dairy products sold since Jan. 1 this year are suspect at this point. Anyone who has become ill this year after consuming raw dairy products from K-Bar should seek medical attention, even if the symptoms have subsided, according to the state health alert.

The health department did not indicate whether the dairy, which is licensed for on-farm sales of unpasteurized milk, is continuing to operate.