Bethesda, Maryland—Food safety newsletter, FOCUS, targets critical new food safety challenges in China markets.

Two articles parallel regulatory bottlenecks in e-produce platforms in China and farmers markets in the US. However welcome these marketing innovations, the authors point out critical points of concern which fall within the scope of food safety regulation but to a large extent go unnoticed.

Two other articles in this current issue, published by Global Food Safety Forum, highlight risk safeguards in new insurance options in China and the impact of the trade expansionary Belt and Road Initiative of China on food safety for supply chains and consumers.

“This edition of FOCUS drills down to food safety challenges and solutions in Asia—not in isolation of other regions but as an engine of change which can move us forward in global food safety compliance,” said FOCUS editor, Rachel Prevost. “At the same time, these new developments are moving at a fast pace with little precedent so if they are not accounted for, the risk is moving us backward.”

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