According to press reports, Gallatin County Sheriff Dan Springer tells MTN News that Donna Ventura, age 64, died of a possible foodborne illness, after eating at Dave’s Sushi. The cause of Ventura’s death has not been confirmed as officials are waiting on autopsy and toxicology results.

According to earlier press reports, William “Bill” Lewis 74, of Townsend, died after eating at Dave’s Sushi, according to Broadwater County Sheriff Nick Rauser, who is also the county coroner. Sheriff Rauser says the 74-year-old man died at his home in Broadwater County. Sheriff Rauser says the call came in at 6:34 AM on the morning of April 18 and a relative told the responding officer that the man had eaten at Dave’s Sushi the night before, the same night the Gallatin County Health Department reported they received complaints of people becoming ill which led to the investigation and closure of the restaurant.

Per additional news reporting, Dave’s Sushi has been closed for nearly two weeks, following reports of “several customers” getting sick after eating there, the restaurant said in a statement:

“We believe that the common ingredient that may have been consumed was FDA-approved, cultured, morel mushrooms used in (the April 17) special roll,” the statement from April 21 said. It remains unclear how many people fell ill, and health officials have not confirmed the pathogen that caused the outbreak. 

The Gallatin County Health Department said last Monday “illnesses have been linked to eating at Dave’s Sushi on the afternoon of April 17, as well as April 1, April 8, April 9 and April 10.” A health department inspection on April 18 found Dave’s Sushi in four violations: inadequate temperature control for some foods, “unsafe” utensils and food-contact surfaces, and not maintaining shellstock tags for shellfish imports for 90 days as required.

It is likely the FDA is investigating as well:

A new investigation has been added to the table (ref#1152). Although the pathogen/cause of illness and products linked to illnesses is not yet identified, there are 13 illnesses from one state linked to a single restaurant that has suspended operations. FDA has initiated traceback in coordination with state partners.