A few weeks ago a book, two years in the making, “Poisoned; The True Story of the Deadly E. coli Outbreak That Changed the Way Americans Eat,” by Jeff Benedict came out and is climbing the New York Times Best Seller’s List. A few days later one of the largest and, now most deadly, E. coli outbreaks began spreading throughout Europe. As of today, 40 are dead, over 3,500 are sickened and over 800 have suffered kidney failure because they ate organic, locally grown bean sprouts. In the middle of that outbreak, Ben Hewitt published “Making Supper Safe: One Man’s Quest to Learn the Truth about Food Safety.”

Eaters, farmers, manufacturers and policy makers alike should read both books. It is time to have a thoughtful and honest discussion about how we make and consume food. Both books tell the tale of where our food supply has gone and why we need to pay attention to bring it back in balance.

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My favorite part from Hewitt’s book (he held no punches in all other parts):

It is safe to say that Marler Clark is the most prominent and successful foodborne-illness litigation firm in the world, and it is safe to say that Bill Marler is the most experienced and knowledgeable foodborne-illness attorney at his firm. Ergo, and no one I’ve spoken with disputes this, Bill Marler is the leading foodborne-illness litigator on earth. If you are sickened by a pathogenic bacteria in food, believe that you can prove your case, and furthermore would like to be handsomely compensated for your suffering, you should probably give bill a call.

Honestly, it is sad to say – and, why you need to read these books – that a lawyer can become the – “leading foodborne-illness litigator on earth.”