Subway Shigella outbreak

The DuPage County Health Department now counts 125 confirmed victims of the shigella outbreak linked to a Subway restaurant in Lombard, Illinois, according to department spokesperson Dave Hass.  The restaurant voluntarily closed on March 4, and has remained shuttered ever since.  Meanwhile, multiple lawsuits have been filed against the restaurant, including Ron and Sarah

The large outbreak of Shigella linked to the Subway restaurant in Lombard, Illinois now counts 116 confirmed (i.e. stool sample positive) cases.  As reported by Eleni Demertzis of the Lombard Spectator:

The number continues to grow as more and more people are coming forward to report shigella infections after eating at a Lombard Subway.


The Shigella outbreak at the Lombard, Illinois Subway restaurant has sickened well over one hundred people, and has left the restaurant shuttered for weeks pending the Dupage County Health Department’s investigation.  Reports widely suggest that one of the problems leading to the outbreak was sick foodhandlers (i.e. employees) at the restaurant.  We have been contacted by

The Subway shigella outbreak in Lombard, Illinois now claims well over one hundred victims.  Several lawsuits have been filed on behalf of injured people, seeking compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and other measures of damages. 

On March 9, we filed suit on behalf of Ron and Sarah Bowers, a Wheaton, Illinois couple whose son

The Shigella outbreak linked to Subway sandwiches in Lombard, Illinois has sickened well over one hundred people.  We represent close to 70 individuals now in the outbreak, and are continuing to receive calls from people daily who missed substantial work or required medical attention, many times both, as a result of their illnesses.  And claims

The Dupage County Health Department announced on March 4, 2010 that it "is investigating the cause of a cluster of gastrointestinal illnesses primarily among customers of a Subway restaurant located at 1009 E. Roosevelt Road in Lombard. Restaurant ownership and corporate representatives have been cooperating with health officials, and the Lombard restaurant has been closed

Illnesses continue to be reported in the Shigella outbreak tied to the Subway restaurant in Lombard, Illinois.   Restaurant based Shigella outbreaks, though, are nothing new.  Sometimes, the results can be tragic.  In the fall of 2000, Shigella sickened hundreds, and left one person dead, in an outbreak at a Mexican restaurant in Northern California. 

The outbreak

The Chicago Tribune reported last night on a developing Shigella outbreak linked to a Lombard, Illinois Subway restaurant:

A Subway restaurant in Lombard has been closed by the DuPage County Health Department after several customers contracted gastrointestinal illnesses, officials said Thursday.

Health Department officials said in a statement that eight cases of shigellosis, an infectious