What do you think, should the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hire Stephen Colbert to do all of its consumer alerts for recalled products? 

Based on his informational (and comedic) handling of the latest product to be recalled in the ever-expanding Salmonella HVP outbreak, Pringles Cheeseburger and Taco Night flavored chips, Mr. Colbert has my vote.  As an aside, when did Cheeseburger and Taco Night become a flavor that people craved in chip form?  And who decides what "Taco Night" should taste like?  "Well Bob, it’s coming along nicely but I still think it needs a little more Night to really give it that authentic Taco Night flavor."

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Consumer Alert – Pringles
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Honestly, would you rather go to the FDA’s website here and attempt to locate the information yourself, or watch Stephen Colbert?