There can only be two reasons why anybody in the country would be eating alfalfa sprouts right now:  one, they have not seen any of the hundreds of news reports, blog posts, or FDA/CDC reports on the several large outbreaks or recalls that have happened already in 2009; or two, they just don’t care about the risk.  In all honesty, other than raw milk, I don’t think there’s one food right now (maybe anytime) that I would avoid with more dedication.  228 illnesses in 13 states due to contamination by Salmonella Saintpaul–and that’s probably not even half the story in that outbreak.  See my recent post on the likely true scope of this outbreak.  If, for some reason, you really are continuing to eat sprouts, just stop for the time being while we bring a little more pressure to bear on the sprout industry to start producing a safer product.