The FDA announced recently another recall of sprouts.  Here is the release:

Kowalke Family Sprouts of Los Angeles CA is recalling all Kowalke Family Sprouts Brand Alfalfa Products with sell-by dates from June 18 through June 30 because they may be contaminated with Salmonella, which can cause serious illness. Mike’s Produce, Inc. dba Kowalke Family Sprouts is voluntarily recalling the alfalfa products after receiving notification that a surveillance sample taken at a retail location with a June 21 sell-by date tested positive for Salmonella.

No illnesses have been reported from these products. Kowalke Family Sprouts has informed the Food and Drug Administration of its actions and is fully cooperating with the Agency.

The alfalfa sprouts tested negative for the presence of Salmonella prior to being shipped to retailers. Nonetheless, the firm is recalling all sprouts from this seed lot out of abundance of caution in response to being notified of alfalfa sprout seeds that may have been contaminated with Salmonella.

Kowalke Family Sprouts meets all FDA disinfection, processing, and pathogen testing guidelines. In addition, the FDA tested for the presence of Salmonella on sprout growing equipment, food contact surfaces, walls, floors, and drains at the Kowalke Family Sprouts facility. All tests results were negative. The FDA found no Salmonella at the Kowalke Family Sprouts facility.

Kowalke alfalfa products are sold in 4 oz, 8 oz, 1 pound and 5 pound clear plastic, clam shell packages. Two other Kowalke products also contain alfalfa sprouts – the Dinner Salad in a 6 oz package and the Onion/Alfalfa Mix in a 4 oz package.

These products were sold to produce distributors in Los Angeles and to retail stores in Southern California, Nevada, and Arizona. It is possible the sprouts may have been transported to other states.

I will note that the Kowalke seems to have done the right thing in initiating a voluntary recall after receiving a positive test result for Salmonella on product back in June.  We hope that the recall had its intended effect.  Too many have become ill from sprouts lately.