The Schnuck’s E. coli outbreak, occuring in recent days in St. Louis, Missouri, has sickened at least 24 people.  Press reports, however, indicate that as many as 34 stool samples have been tested for shiga-toxin, so there may well be, and in all likelihood are, more people sick in St. Louis. 

If reports to date are accurate, this outbreak seems to have been discovered, and the source identified, quite quickly.  Local hospitals started reporting E. coli infections on Monday, less than a week ago, and clearly acted quickly in letting health departments know of the illnesses.  And for their critical part, various county and Missouri health officials have been able to very efficiently find the source.  Nevertheless, Jasmine Bell and Lindsay Scheussler, two victims of the outbreak, remain hospitalized.  Others probably do too.

The Schnuck’s E. coli outbreak isn’t Missouri’s first.  Here’s a few others where Marler Clark helped many of the victims: