salmonellaSalmonella outbreaks in Kane County, Illinois, and Cochise County, Arizona, are perplexing health officials, who are trying to trace the outbreaks to their sources.  The Courier News reported on the Kane County outbreak:

Health department officials are working to create awareness of this specific form of salmonella. They also are attempting to identify the cause, but it has proven ultra-difficult, given that the cases have been widespread — eight were reported in Aurora and seven more in the Elgin/Carpentersville area.Of the 15 cases, six were reported to the health department in December.

"We’re seeing it at both ends of the county," said Claire Dobbins, the county’s director of preparedness and communicable disease control. "If we create awareness, our mission becomes twofold: We could possibly prevent future infection by taking proper food-safety precautions, and if someone seeks medical attention it might help us locate the source.