Health officials in northern Ohio are investigating whether there is a link between the recent confirmation of three Salmonella infections in Lorain County and a high number of absences at Clearview High School earlier this week.  According to this report, Ken Pearce, Lorain County health commissioner indicated that:  "the three cases showed up in a database, two children — ages 15 and 17 — and one adult, but as of last night, there was no connection to the school."

On Tuesday of this past week,  more than 100 students were absent at Clearview  High School. The health department was called to help determine what made so many students sick, according to Principal Franko Gallo.

Some, but not all, of those out ill were members of the football team.   The health department has been interviewing students about their illness symptoms and food history.

Salmonella is a bacteria that causes severe food poisoning type symptoms.  In rare cases, the infection can lead to longer term problems such as reactive arthritis and post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome.