Yesterday, we filed suit on behalf of a Roseburg resident sickened in the Los Dos Amigos outbreak.  We represent a number of other people sickened in the outbreak, all of whom are eager to get to the bottom of what happened.  To recap, the Douglas County Health Department recently stated that there have been 30 confirmed cases of salmonella illness tied to the restaurant in mid-April.  Further, it has been reported that cross-contamination is responsible for the spread of disease at the restaurant, which is a common factor in many restaurant outbreaks.

Nationally, it is estimated that only about 3 percent of Salmonella cases are officially reported, and many milder cases are never diagnosed.  Thus, the true incidence of salmonella is undoubtedly much greater than the number of reported cases.  (Mead, 1999).  In fact, the CDC estimates that 1.4 million cases occur annually (CDC, 2005, October 13), and approximately 600 people die(CDC, 2005, October 13; MMWR Weekly, 2001).