The FDA announced Tuesday that, as a result of a recall of using salmonella-contaminated black pepper from Mincing Overseas Spice Company  in its products, Blue Line Foodservice Distribution of Farmington Hills, MI is voluntarily recalling Little Caesars Spice Paks. The Spice Paks are small white packets, approximately 1.5” X 2.5” that contain black pepper and other spices. The packets do not have lot codes or UPC codes. Before they were removed from the stores, they were available upon request to consumers at many Little Caesars stores in the US, Canada and Mexico. The Spice Paks are not used in making any Little Caesars food products.

So the rolling recall linked to pepper that was the source of a recent, major national outbreak continues.  To recap, the CDC counts 252 people nationally who have been sickened with Salmonella Montevideo after eating salami manufactured by Daniele, Inc. a Rhode Island company.  Daniele used pepper from Mincing Overseas Spice Company, and Wholesome Spice Company, in the production of its salami products.  Mincing and Overseas have both recalled pepper in the wake of the large outbreak