The Clostridium perfringens outbreak at Central Louisiana State Hospital in Pineville has claimed additional victims.  In a good article on the outbreak and the officials who have resigned, or retired, in its wake,the Town Talk reports as follows:

The administrator and associate administrator at Central Louisiana State Hospital both left the facility this week following investigations into the deaths of three patients from food poisoning at the Pineville facility.

The investigations also revealed what the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals termed unacceptable process and management issues, according to a press release.


DHH Secretary Alan Levine has appointed Russell Semon, bureau chief of work force development within the DHH Office of Policy Standards and Quality Assurance, to conduct a comprehensive review of the organizational structure, personnel, training protocols, policies and procedures at Central. Semon will make specific recommendations to Levine.

The deadly outbreak over the first weekend in May also sickened 42 other patients and 12 staff members. The cause of the outbreak was traced to improperly stored chicken salad served at the facility that was infected with the third most common form of food poisoning – clostridium perfringens.

The investigations, ordered by Levine, found serious deficiencies in dietary services and concerns with the overall operation of the hospital, according to the release.

The agency’s Office of Health Standards and Quality Assurance, at the request of Levine, conducted a hospital survey of Central and identified deficiencies. Those shortfalls were shared with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and, as a result, that agency has determined that Central is not in compliance with all the Conditions of Participation for hospitals, something DHH agrees with, the release states.

Patrick Kelly, the hospital’s administrator, resigned earlier this week, DHH reported, and the associate administrator, Paul Benoit, retired Wednesday.