A Waukesha, Wisconsin hotel called the Country Springs Hotel is the site of a large outbreak of norovirus.  At least, "Norovirus seems to be likely," Julianne Klimetz, spokeswoman for the health investigators, said Friday morning.  Ms. Klimetz did add, however, that confirming labarotory tests on samples won’t be known until next week.  The illnesses occurred after an awards luncheon for the Women of Distinction, which 500 people attended. 

Laurel Walker of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal reported as follows:  

 Anecdotally, the Journal Sentinel has heard from attendees where at least half and often more of the guests at their 10-person tables became ill with intestinal distress.

The Health Division has a list of attendees and where each person sat.

They’ve obtained a sufficient sample of cases and are following up with interviews, Klimetz said.

The majority of people reported becoming ill Wednesday night and Thursday, she said.

"From everything we’ve seen, it’s been confined to a single meal, a single room and a single kitchen," she said. There’s no indication that those affected were in a certain part of the room and only at certain tables, she said.

The Environmental Health Division is working with the Country Springs Hotel in Waukesha, which Klimetz said has been "incredibly cooperative."

In a prepared statement Thursday, Country Springs general manager Nancy Richards said after reports came in to her office Thursday, the hotel reported them to the Health Division. The hotel stopped using the involved kitchen and sanitized it, she said. Staffers who were not feeling well were told not to report to work for 48 hours.