Angela Cunningham of News reports that health officials are investigating what caused six people who ate at Wendy’s in Grand Ledge to become sick. They believe anyone who ate at the restaurant between Friday the 21st and this Tuesday could have come in contact with contaminated food.
Health officials say it is still very early in their investigation and they’re not ready to rule anything out. Early this week, health officials started getting reports that people who ate at the Wendy’s in Grand Ledge were having some serious problems.
The Barry-Eaton Health Department is trying to get to the bottom of what’s causing the illness. Early indication is that food at the restaurant had been contaminated with norovirus, commonly known as the stomach flu.

Wendy’s owner Mark Behm was cited as saying this is the first time in 15 years something like this has happened and Thursday he voluntarily closed the restaurant to clean and sanitize everything, adding, “We went in and looked at our food sources, we through away all of our prep food, we cleaned the restaurant from head to toe.”
Health officials are trying to figure out what foods may have been contaminated. They believe it was probably some type of condiment.
Dr. Robert Schirmer was quoted as saying, “Things like lettuce and tomatoes that don’t have to be cooked before they’re put into salads or on sandwiches, and there’s the potential of contamination from the environment or things like hands.”