Over at AnnArbor.com, staff reporter Tina Reed is reporting that officials with the Washtenaw County Health Department are currently investigating an E. coli outbreak that has thus far infected ten area residents, most of them young adults.  To put that number in perspective, on average Washtenaw County has six cases of E. coli per year.

The first cases were reported on Thursday, said Laura Bauman, an epidemiologist for the county health department.  The source of the contamination has not been identified, health officials said.

County health officials advise residents are advised to store thawing and uneaten cooked foods in the refrigerator, to keep cooked meat and other foods from coming in contact with surfaces that raw meat has touched and to disinfect cutting boards and counters and wash hands properly after going to the bathroom or changing a diaper.

Anyone who develops bloody diarrhea should seek medical attention and should report suspected E. coli illness to Washtenaw County Public Health at (734) 544-6700.