arkansas.jpgOf the dozen persons sickened in the outbreak of E. coli O26  linked by the CDC to consumption of sprouts at Jimmy Johns, only one is an Akansas resident.  The “natural state” though, has not always been so lucky.

E. coli and Salmonella outbreaks that included Arkansas residents since 2006:

  • 2011:  E. coli O157:H7, Romaine lettuce:  This outbreak sickened 60 in 10 states, including Arkansas.   Many of the illnesses were connected to lettuce sold at the grocery chain “Schnucks.”
  • 2011: Salmonella, ground turkey.  136 people were victims, including a number of Arkansans in this nationwide oubtreak caused by contamination in ground turkey manufactured by Cargill.  Marler Clark has filed three lawsuits in Federal Courts on behalf of victims.
  • 2011:  Salmonella, papayas.  Arkansas residents were among 106 persons ill from Argomond papayas in a multi-state outbreak.
  • 2010:  Salmonella, sprouts:  Another of the sprout outbreaks that involved customers of Jimmy John’s.  This outbreak included Arkansas residents among the 140 ill.
  • 2009:  Pulled pork, Salmonella:  Arkansas residents were among the ill in an outbreak tied to meals at the A&R Barbecue in Memphis.  Marler Clark resolved cases on behalf of some of the victims.
  • 2009:  Peanut products, Salmonella.  The well documented Peanut Corporation of America outbreak sickened over 700 nationwide, including Arkansas residents.  Marler Clark represented many of the victims.
  • 2007:  Pot-pie, Salmonella.  Another nationwide Salmonell outbreak.  Arkansas residents were among the 401 ill.  Once again, Marler Clark represented multiple victims.
  • 2006-7:  Peanut butter, Salmonella.  The first of the nationwide peanut butter outbreaks, 715 ill from Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter.  Marler Clark represented hundreds of victims.
  • 2006:  Sushi, Salmonella:  An outbreak of Salmonella that sickened 161 Arkansas residents was connected to California rolls from the Sushi King restaurant in Benton, County.  Marler Clark represented a number of those ill.