550,000,000 eggs and 1,300 ill and KARE TV Minneapolis reports on this impact on one family – the Danielsons.

Todd Danielson, said, "Everybody had diarrhea. That was kind of the first thing, and then headaches and then throwing up and then it was body aches. I couldn’t even move. I mean it was like in your joints it hurt so bad. It was worse than any flu I’ve ever had." His daughter, 10-year-old Brittany Danielson, said, "We thought we had the flu but then we saw the egg recall and we figured that’s what it was because my dad read off the symptoms from the computer and those were all the symptoms we had."

They believed they had symptoms of salmonella poisoning from tainted eggs. But it wasn’t until the recall was expanded on Friday that their suspicions were confirmed. The Hillandale 18-count eggs they bought at Wal-Mart were recalled.