Today’ a foodpoisoning outbreak was announced in Durham, NC at a restaurant called "Bullock’s Barbecue."  Though lab tests have not yet confirmed the organism responsible for sickening at least 15 people, health officials suspect that Salmonella is to blame. 

In 2002, a large Salmonella outbreak was associated with eating at the Western Sizzlin’ Restaurant in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Hamburger steak with gravy, fried chicken, and ham all tested positive for the presence of Salmonella Heidelberg. Two employees were found to be infected with the same strain of Salmonella Heidelberg. Both had eaten food that had been prepared at the restaurant so it was not clear if they were the source of the outbreak or if they were victims, like the patrons.

In May 2005, patrons of the Old South Restaurant in Camden, South Carolina, became ill with Salmonella Enteriditis after eating at the restaurant from May 19 – 21. The Old South Restaurant was a family-owned, buffet-style restaurant. Salmonella contamination was documented in the roasted turkey. The convection oven had malfunctioned, and therefore the turkey did not reach an internal temperature high enough to kill Salmonella.