In response to my AM’s blog post about the true scope of the Salmonella salami/pepper outbreak, a reader states as follows:

Can’t you read between the lines Drew. The contaminated pepper was sent to
food plants all over the country, to supermarkets, restaurants etc. Its
everywhere. The only safe products now may be from Daniele Inc..The RI dept
of health and FDA have both confirmed positive salmonella in unopened
pepper. The truth is too big for you to get your mind around. This is a
big huge mess and now could be a bigger cover up. Someone should inform
people of the truth…

Good point.  Where else is the contaminated pepper?  What do our national public health agencies know about the pepper product (other than that it’s from Vietnam), and when do we get the benefit of having them disclose what they know?  Is there any ongoing risk to consumer health?  Is the pepper in our homes?