The FDA has updated its expanding recall list of various products containing Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein. The list now includes:

Bouillon Products – Herbox

Dip and Dip Mix Products – Concord Foods, De la Casa, Delicioso, Follow Your Heart, Fresh Food, Concepts, Great Value, Johnny’s Fine Foods, McCormick, Oak Lake Farms, Reser’s, Rojo’s, T. Marzetti

Dressing and Dressing Mix Products – Follow Your Heart, Reser’s, Trader Joe’s

Gravy Mix Products – McCormick

Pre-Packaged Meal Products – Follow Your Heart

Prepared Salad Products – Reser’s

Snack and Snack Mix Products – CVS, HK Anderson, Hawaiian, National Pretzel Company, President’s Choice, Safeway, Sunflower Markets

Soup Mix Products – Castella, Homemade Gourmet

Stuffing Products – McCormick