The Family Cow Raw MilkAlong with news late yesterday that campylobacter was found in unopened retail containers of Family Cow Dairy raw milk, today the illness count grew to 35 in 3 states.  28 in Pennsylvania, 4 in Maryland and one in New Jersey. 

Prior to the announcement from the Maryland health department about the positive milk samples, farm owner Edwin Shank sent an e-mail on Wednesday to customers. He said the farm family was proceeding as if a pathogen had been found in the milk.

“We make this decision, not based on the lab test or state investigation, but on what you as our customers have told us,” Shank said in the letter. “We believe you. We value that you have shared your story with us and that we could talk about it together. We are making many small, some major, but all significant, changes to our equipment, facilities, testing and herd care protocols to push the quality and safety of The Family Cow raw milk to even higher levels.”