Wilcox Ice Cream of East Arlington, VT is recalling all flavors of Wilcox brand ice cream, yogurt, and ice cream bars, as well as Leonardo’s brand gelato after being notified by the Vermont Department of Agriculture on 11/14/23 that one lot of the Super Premium Mint Chip manufactured that day may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenesListeria monocytogenes is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, Listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.

In addition to that flavor we are recalling ALL other products manufactured at our facility with during the same time period. This involves the following flavors, sizes, and best by dates:

Wilcox Premium Product Line – All Flavors – All Sizes with Best By/Sell By dates of 9/14/24 to 11/14/24:

Product Size UPC 
Wilcox Premium Product Line (All Flavors)1.5 Quart04372600056
Wilcox Premium Product Line (All Flavors)Quart04372600086
Wilcox Premium Product Line (All Flavors)Pint04372600085
Wilcox Premium Vanilla4 oz Cup0437260401
Wilcox Premium Chocolate4 oz Cup04372600402
Wilcox Premium Coffee4 oz Cup04372600403
Wilcox Premium Sea Salt Caramel4 oz Cup04372600404
Wilcox Premium Maple Cream4 oz Cup04372600405
Wilcox Premium Black Raspberry4 oz Cup04372600406
Wilcox premium Product Line (All Flavors)3 Gallon 
Wilcox Premium Product Line (All Flavors)1 Gallon 

Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Product Line – All Flavors – All Sizes with Best By/Sell By dates 9/13/24 to 11/14/24:

Product Size UPC 
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Salted Caramel Brownie1.5 Quart04372601520
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Chocolate1.5 Quart04372601502
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Maple Cream1.5 Quart04372601510
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Maple Walnut1.5 Quart04372601511
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Mint Chunk1.5 Quart04372601512
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Super Java1.5 Quart04372601516
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Vanilla1.5 Quart04372601519
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Chocolate1.5 Quart04372601502
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Maple CreamPint04372601610
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Maple WalnutPint04372601611
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Mint ChunkPint04372601612
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Super JavaPint04372601616
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM VanillaPint04372601619
Wilcox SUPER PREMIUM Salted Caramel BrowniePint04372601620

Wilcox’s Premium Yogurt Line with Best By/Sell By 10/5/24, 10/6/24, 10/26/24, 10/27/24:

Product Size UPC 
Wilcox Yogurt – VanillaPints04372601520
Wilcox Yogurt – Maple CreamPints04372600698
Wilcox Yogurt – Black RaspberryPints04372600695

Wilcox Ice Cream 802 Ice Cream Bars with Best By/Sell By: 9/15/24 through 11/14/24

Product Size UPC 
Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Dairy Based) – Vanilla802 Bars043726005041
Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Dairy Based) – Black Raspberry802 Bars043726005065
Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Dairy Based) – Espresso802 Bars043726005072
Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Dairy Based) – Peanut Butter802 Bars043726005089
Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Dairy Based) – Maple Cream802 Bars043726005096
Wilcox Ice Cream Bar (Dairy Based) – Pumpkin802 Bars043726005010

Leonardo’s Gelato Pints and 4 oz cups with Best By/Sell By Dates: 8/28/24 to 11/14/24

Product Size UPC 
Leonardo’s Gelato – Maple GelatoPints81643900055
Leonardo’s Gelato – Sams Creamy Chocolate ChipPints81643900019
Leonardo’s Gelato – Chocolate GelatoPints81643900005
Leonardo’s Gelato – Salted Caramel GelatoPints04372601701
Leonardo’s Gelato – Hazelnut GelatoPints04372601703
Leonardo’s Gelato – Mint Chocolate ChipPints81643900050
LEONARDOS Gelato – Chocolate Gelato4 oz cup81643900028
LEONARDOS Gelato – Sam’s Chocolate Chip4 oz cup81643900040
LEONARDOS Gelato – VT Maple Gelato4 oz cup81643900056
LEONARDOS Gelato – Mint Chocolate Chip4 oz cup81643900041

Products were distributed in retail stores and Co-Ops located in VT, NH, MA, and NY.

All products are packaged in various sizes as noted in the above tables. The SUPER PREMIUM Products are packaged in yellow containers. The Premium Products are packaged in containers that include a picture of an ice cream truck. The Leonardo’s Gelato is packaged with the Leonardo’s logo prominently displayed. The yogurt products are packaged in beige container that says Wilcox Yogurt. The ice cream bars are packaged individually in clear plastic wrap with a sticker. Best by dates for all products can be found either on the sticker or on the side of the packaging.

No illnesses or injuries have been reported to date.

We were notified by the Vermont Department of Agriculture, who was notified by the New Hampshire Department of Health on 11/14/23 that a routine sample collected by that agency of our Super Premium Mint Chocolate Chip manufactured on 9/15/23 tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes. As part of our investigation, we determined that preliminary testing showed that the ice cream mix purchased to make our products may contain Listeria monocytogenes.

Customers should not consume these products.