Solata Foods LLC. of Newburgh, NY, is recalling its “Fresh Spinach” listed below because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy persons may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, L. monocytogenes infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women.

The recalled “Fresh Spinach” was distributed locally in retail stores. The product comes in various sizes listed below with all brand names, All packages have lot numbers # 40606 and 11006 on the package and with an expiration date of 6/20/24 and 6/24/24 stamped on the side. The product UPC codes are listed below.

No illnesses have been reported to date in connection with this problem.

The contamination was discovered after sampling by New York State Department of Agriculture and Market Food Inspectors and subsequent analysis by Food Laboratory personnel revealed the presence of L. monocytogenes in a 9-ounce package of Bogopa “Fresh Spinach.” Production of the product has been suspended

Consumers who have purchased 9-ounce packages of Bogopa “Fresh Spinach.” Or any Spinach listed below are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at (845) 393-0089

Product Code Comm: Size Code: Type Code: Brand Code: UPC Code 
Greens Solata Spinach 10x9Bag10x9Bag Solata854311007391
Greens Gaia Organic Spring Mix 6×1.7Clam6×1.7Clam.OrganicGaia850039434075
Greens Gaia Organic Spring Mix 6×1.7Clam6×1.7Clam.OrganicGaia850039434082
Greens Full Circle Organic Spring Mix 6x10Clam6x10Clam.OrganicFull Circle036800490529
Greens Full Circle Organic Baby Spinach 6x10Clam6x10ClamOrganicFull Circle036800490512
Greens Solata 5050 6x10Clam6x10Clam Solata850021494766
Greens Solata Baby Spinach 6x10Clam6x10Clam Solata85002149475
Greens Solata Spring Mix 6x10Clam6x10Clam Solata85002149475
Greens Gaia Organic Baby Spinach 6x10Clam6x10ClamOrganicGaia850021494837
Greens Gaia Organic Spring Mix 6x10Clam6x10ClamOrganicGaia850021494858
Greens Gaia Organic 5050 6x10Clam6x10ClamOrganicGaia850021494827
Greens Full Circle Organic Baby Spinach 6x16Clam6x16ClamOrganicFull Circle036800288251
Greens Full Circle Organic Spring Mix 6x16Clam6x16ClamOrganicFull Circle036800288744
Greens Farmer Direct Organic Chopped Kale Spinach 6x9Bag6x9BagOrganicFarmer Direct854311007377
Greens Uncle Vinny’s Savoy Spinach 8x10Bag8x10Bag Uncle Vinny’s804879442769
Greens Gaia Organic Baby Spinach 8x45Clam8x45ClamOrganicGaia850021494964
Greens Gaia Organic Spring Mix 8x45Clam8x45ClamOrganicGaia850021494971
Greens Gaia Organic Power Greens 8x45Clam8x45ClamOrganicGaia850021494889
Greens Gaia Organic 50/50 Blend 8x45Clam8x45ClamOrganicGaia850021494919
Greens Gaia Organic 50/50 8x45Clam8x45ClamOrganicGaia850021494957
Greens Gaia Organic Spring Mix Herb 8x45Clam8x45ClamOrganicGaia850021494896
Greens Full Circle Organic 5050 8x5Clam8x5ClamOrganicFull Circle036800341562
Greens Full Circle Organic Baby Spinach 8x5Clam8x5ClamOrganicFull Circle036800179899
Greens Full Circle Organic Spring Mix 8x5Clam8x5ClamOrganicFull Circle036800179882
Greens Full Circle Organic Power Greens 8x5Clam8x5ClamOrganicFull Circle036800388758
Greens Solata 50/50 Blend 8x5Clam8x5Clam Solata854311007070
Greens Solata Baby Spinach 8x5Clam8x5Clam Solata854311007001
Greens Solata Power Greens 8x5Clam8x5Clam Solata854311007056
Greens Solata Spring Mix 8x5Clam8x5Clam Solata854311007032
Greens Solata Spring Mix Herb 8x5Clam8x5Clam Solata854311007063
Greens Uncle Vinny’s 50/50 Blend 8x5Clam8x5Clam Uncle Vinny’s804879525158
Greens Uncle Vinny’s Power Greens 8x5Clam8x5Clam Uncle Vinny’s804879503095
Greens Uncle Vinny’s Spring Mix 8x5Clam8x5Clam Uncle Vinny’s804879133414
Greens Solata 50/50 Blend 8x5Clam8x5Clam Solata854311007087
Greens Uncle Vinny’s 5050 8x5Clam8x5Clam Uncle Vinny’s804879525165
Greens Uncle Vinny’s Spring Mix Herb 8x5Clam8x5Clam Uncle Vinny’s804879459965
Greens Uncle Vinny’s Baby Spinach 8x5Clam8x5Clam Uncle Vinny’s804879133438
Greens Solata Spinach 9x9Bag9x9Bag Solata854311007391
Greens Uncle Vinny’s Savoy Spinach 9x9Bag9x9Bag Uncle Vinny’s804879442769
Greens Bogopa Spinach 9x9Bag9x9Bag Bogopa819964014695
Greens Bulk Spring Mix 2×1.52×1.5 BAGS Bulk40606 AND 11006