Today, yet another company had to recall products due to Salmonella-contaminated hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) manufactured by Basic Food Flavors, a Las Vegas, Nevada company.  Today’s recall was by Ruiz Foods, Inc., a Denison, Texas establishment, who had to recall 115,700 pounds of a ready-to-eat beef product that contained HVP as an ingredient.   

But Ruiz Foods is just another casualty in what is shaping up to be a long list of incredible recall-related losses for many, many companies.  How will the many companies who have had to recall products, including Ruiz Foods, take the news that their HVP supplier may have known about the salmonella contamination in their Las Vegas plant but decided to continue to manufacture and sell HVP for nearly a month afterward, until, apparently, one of their customers discovered the Salmonella contamination and issued a recall?  

See the FDA’s report written after inspections at Basic Food’s plant.