Today, yet another company had to recall products due to Salmonella-contaminated hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) manufactured by Basic Food Flavors, a Las Vegas, Nevada company.  Today’s recall was by Ruiz Foods, Inc., a Denison, Texas establishment, who had to recall 115,700 pounds of a ready-to-eat beef product that contained HVP as an ingredient.   

But Ruiz Foods is just another


Today, Reser’s Fine Foods, Inc. of Beaverton, OR, became the latest company to announce a recall of food products because they contain salmonella-contaminated hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP).  The contaminated HVP was supplied to Reser, among many other companies, by Basic Food Flavors, Inc., a Las Vegas, Nevada company. 

The recall linked to contaminated HVP from Basic Foods


Several days ago, Basic Food Flavors, Inc., a Nevada company, recalled hydrolyzed vegetable protein ("HVP"–a protein breakdown product of vegetable amino acids), due to potential salmonella contamination.  The recalled products were widely distributed and included in many further processed foods.  Ever since, many companies that used Basic Food’s HVP as an ingredient in their own products, have announced