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The Portland Business Journal reports that foodborne illnesses present a serious public health problem and a significant potential liability for the restaurant and hospitality industry. Even though there is debate over the accuracy of foodborne illness statistics from the government, nonprofit organizations and food industry trade groups, there is no debate that foodborne illness outbreaks are a serious problem that can threaten both the public’s and the industry’s health.
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Melanie Hennessey of Metroland – Halton Division reports that a bylaw that would make it mandatory for all Halton restaurants to have their health department inspection reports available for the public to see came one step closer to reality this week.
At its meeting Tuesday, the region’s health and social services committee supported directing staff to prepare the bylaw that would make Dinewise –the Halton-wide program where restaurants voluntarily disclose the results of their inspection reports — compulsory.
The document is to be based on a draft bylaw staff previously drew up and circulated for comments from all restaurant owners in Halton. The proposed bylaw would take effect July 1, 2006.Continue Reading Dinewise may become mandatory; Bylaw would force restaurants to make inspection reports available to public

The Food Safety Network has reported on Bill Marler’s discussion during a seminar at the University of Guelph on why processors, ingredient suppliers, restaurant operators, and any operations involved in the growth, processing, and distribution of food products should understand the legal consequences and dangers of what may happen when foodborne illness strikes as a

Marler Clark signSince 1993, Marler Clark has represented thousands of clients in litigation against restaurants and food companies whose food was identified as the source of illness. We strive to obtain full and fair compensation for our clients’ injuries by ensuring that our clients are compensated for their physical and emotional injuries, as well as for medical expenses and missed time from work. We often represent children who will require medical monitoring and surgical procedures throughout their lives, and we work to secure settlements or verdicts that will provide for their long-term medical needs.
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