fair safetyAnimals are always a main part of a fair — both for sale and show — and their health and safety is a big concern. Last year, 72 pigs were quarantined and quickly shipped away for slaughter after one was discovered on the fairgrounds with symptoms of a bacterial disease — a development fair officials hope to avoid this year. (See also: fair safety information)
Dr. John Been, the Sauk County Fair’s head veterinarian, will be at the fairgrounds beginning Wednesday to check all the animals coming in. They are all required to have prior inspections from a veterinarian, but Been said the more precautions, the better. Been says the animals’ health status should be high. Depending on the species, there may or may not be health papers and a certificate of a veterinarian inspection that needs to be in place, and those are done by home farm vets.Continue Reading Keeping a close eye on animal health