hand_washing.jpgThe Fayetteville Observer reports on a recent study by Fayetteville State University that “found that 87 percent of public restrooms surveyed in the city were configured in such a way that washed hands could be re-contaminated in seconds by touching faucets and door handles.”

Students surveyed 245 public restrooms in the city, including restaurants, government buildings, retail stores, health care facilities and gas stations. Using a detailed form, the students evaluated the restrooms on whether users were required to touch the door to exit the facility, whether the bathroom had soap dispensers and soap and whether there were paper towel dispensers with towels in them. Other questions asked whether the trash bin was located near the exit, so patrons could use a paper towel to open the door. From the survey, students found that 81 percent of restaurants and 53 percent of retail stores required bathroom users to touch door handles when exiting.

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