Well, you only have 27 more days to fix that unconstitutional glitch in S. 510, get past Senator Coburn’s filibuster, get past the Republican Senators vow to not do a thing until tax cuts for the wealthy are passed, get past either a Conference with the House over differences between S. 510 and H.B. 2749, get past a possible re-vote in the House as well and finally get it to the President’s desk for signing.

I think you can and should do it. Below are some of the reasons why. We need to make our food supply as safe as we can. S. 510 and H.B 2740 are not perfect, but they move us towards a goal of a safer food supply, less sickened people, fewer economically disruptive outbreaks and recalls, and yes, far fewer lawsuits.

Confession, in the last 18 years I have given $100,000’s to Democratic candidates and have helped raised $1,000,000,00’s for Democratic candidates and causes. In the past years I worked on both H.B. 2749, S. 510 and the Tester/Hagen Amendment. I also testified before congress on the need for food safety reform and made sure dozens of my clients either testified or met with Congress Members and Senators on the issue. I feel I have done all that I can do. If at this point the President and Democratic House and Senate leaders can not get these bills across the finish line, disappointment is far too mild a feeling.