The USDA is conducting testing on tater tots that were distributed to schools in Nebraska after several children who ate the tater tots complained of upset stomachs, according to the Associated Press.  A recall of 25,000 pounds of tater tots that were distributed to schools and day care centers was initiated following the complaints of illness.  The Lincoln Journal-Star reported on the recall: 

State health official Todd Landry says the department sent out 840 cases of the potatoes through its Food Distribution Program. The state learned Thursday morning that the product was being recalled and notified 345 schools and daycare centers, some of which were preparing the tater tots for lunch.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the potatoes had an odd taste and odor, and that some children who ate them later complained of upset stomachs. In Nebraska, three schools reported sick students.

In 2002, a food poisoning outbreak at an Illinois school was traced back to chicken tenders that had been exposed to ammonia.