Brock Spencer of WHOI News (IL) reports that Peoria’s District 150 is pulling some food items off its menu for safety reasons.
In the past six weeks, there have been two separate outbreaks with around 120 kids saying they felt ill after lunch.
At each of those lunches, the district schools served tacos.
Now, the Illinois Department of Health is recommending that all Illinois schools stop serving Del Rey flour tortillas.
District 150 Community Relations Director Stephanie Tate said, “Well, we decided Friday to voluntarily just take off all mexican items from our primary and middle school menu’s just because it seems to be the main item that has caused problems in the past.”
As a precaution, the school district is also getting rid of food and salad bars because it’s easier for germs to spread in those places.
Two years ago, Del Rey tortillas was also named in similar outbreaks in Massachusetts.