Raw milk from a Genoa, New York, dairy has tested positive for Campylobacter jejuni, the most common cause of bacterial foodborne illness, according to an article at the Syracuse Post-Standard Web site.  Health officials are encouraging anyone who purchased raw milk products from the Phil Stauderman Farm, 3128 Blakely Road, Genoa, to throw out the products in case they are contaminated with Campylobacter.  According to the article:

raw milkA routine sample taken April 16 was found to be contaminated with Campylobacter and the farm was notified of the test on April 19, the department said. The farm voluntarily suspended sales of raw milk on that date, the department said. The tests were confirmed on Friday, the department said.

Meanwhile, cheese sold in Florida tested positive for E. coli during routine testing.  According to an article from FloridaToday.com titled, "Tainted Cheese Prompts Warning," Florida health officials were asking consumers to check their refrigerators for the presence of potentially-contamianted cheese:

cheeseThe packages include Ole Mexican Foods’ Verole Queso Fresco Authentic Mexican Crumbling Cheese and Ole Fresco Authentic Mexican Crumbling Cheese, according to an advisory issued by Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles Bronson.

Bronson said in a statement that the possible E. coli contamination was determined after random testing found the bacteria in batches from both cheeses.

Click here to view the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ press release.