We really cannot explain this one.   We do know that federal Magistrate Judge Karen Stromborn went the the University of Wisconsin Law School, so maybe she still gets weak knees around dairy farmers.

Whatever, the reason, Judge Stromborn took the old term "slap on the wrist" to a new, much lower level in sentencing Woodland raw milk pushers Anita and Mike Puckett to–get this–$25 in court fees after both plead guilty to federal Class A misdemeanors for spreading the raw milk that made 18 people sick in 2005.

We said "slap on the wrist" was defined down because the deal the U.S. District Attorney’s office had worked out with the Pucketts wasn’t much–$250 fines and a year’s probation.  The judge decided to disregard that agreement, apparently saying the probation officer’s time could be better spent.

So break federal law by distributing adulterated food, and pay a $25 fine.  Wow.  What can we say? (It’s a fine that amounts to a couple gallons of raw milk each!)

Judge Stromborn also is reported to have used the $8,000 fine the State of Washington imposed as an excuse for not fining them at the federal level.   (Actually, the Pucketts check to the state bounced.)

Here’s what happened: Final Investigation Summary of Dee Creek Farm

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